Interview with Lauren Kate

  1-So we can start! Can you tell us something, in short, what is your new story Teardrop about?
  Teardrop is the story of a tear, shed over a broken heart, powerful enough to flood the world and bring a new one into being. I believe emotions create—and destroy—real worlds. A person can live in his or her own pain, sorrow, happiness, or surprise, so I wrote  a character whose emotions literally created a world. That’s where I found Eureka.
  It’s saga of heart-stopping romance, devastating secrets, and dark magic.

   2-Are the characters in this book same in some things like characters from yours earlier books? Or are they completely different from them?

The main difference is in the voice, which is what always distinguishes novels for me. Eureka is a thrilling heroine to write—she's strong, funny, sensitive, and she has a beautiful strange imagination that she shares only with the reader. Her love story is darker than Lucinda's, but possesses a similar epic grandness.

3-What did inspire you when you  wrote this story? Why Atlantis and things around?
  I used to live in rural northern California. Our closest lake was a flooded valley that had once been the site of a small village. Imagined ghosts of this underwater town haunted me, leading to an obsession with flood narratives, from Noah’s Ark to Plato’s Atlantis to Mesopotamia’s Gilgamesh.

I was especially drawn to the legend of Atlantis: a glorious and advanced ancient civilization that disappeared so completely under the ocean it slipped into the realm of myth.

Inspiration struck one day when I was crying. My husband was listening to my sob story, but he couldn’t reach me; I was trapped under the flood of my emotions. But then, he extended his hand, touched the corner of my eye with his finger, and captured the tear welling up. I watched as he brought my tear to his face, as he blinked it into his own eye. Suddenly we were bound by this tear. Suddenly I wasn’t alone. And suddenly, I had the first scene between my hero and the boy she loved.

4-Eureka and Ander...little unsual names :D How did you get to it?
Eureka means, “I found it” in Greek. Though she is a girl who is quite lost for much of the book, her name speaks to her destiny. Ander is named for Leander, the love interest in the romantic myth (and poem) Hero and Leander.

  5-Do you work on something new, or you work just on Waterfall? Or you are with your family in this happy time ?
   I’ve just finished writing the sequel to Teardrop, which will publish in the US in October. After this, I’ll be taking some time off for the birth of my son in June.

   6-It is not  a long time you were in Budapest. (It is near us! :D) How did you like it?
  It was magical. I’ll be sharing more details from my visit soon.

7-Is in Teardrop love triangle?
 The love triangle in Teardrop is between Eureka, Ander (the mysterious new boy), and Brooks (her oldest friend). I had a sense of where Eureka’s destiny would lie at the beginning, and it was thrilling to see how different her journey became as I was writing the book.

8-In the end: Did you want say something your Slovak and Czech fans?